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At Retro Rollers Inc. we believe that everyone — regardless of age, background, culture or experience level — needs a place of their own where they can express their creativity freely. Retro Rollers Inc. is an open-armed invitation to do just that. Roller skating is the ideal way to have fun, get out of your comfort zone and meet new people in a positive environment, while incorporating movement into your lifestyle.This interactive activity provides a high caloric burn while also being gentle on the knees and joints.
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A safe, inclusive, respectful & empowering environment.

Our mission has been linear from the very beginning: to create a safe, inclusive, respectful and empowering environment that will bring people together, allow them to disconnect from the worries of everyday life while learning a new skill or brushing up on an existing one. We champion community over competition. We encourage exploring your own creativity. We value uniqueness and fearlessness. We empower individuals to be present and bring interaction to the forefront of their relationships. To try something new, without worry about judgement or failure. And above all, to be themselves, in their most candid form.

Roller skating to make a positive impact.

Retro Rollers Inc. was created by Elaine Beck and Philip Morris in 2017 when they both felt that their careers were not as fulfilling as they had hoped. In their search for ways to make a positive impact on people’s lives, they came across roller skating and it has forever changed the course of their lives. What started out as an enjoyable activity to do as a family quickly grew into a community, and then a much larger part of their lives. They were deeply touched by the caring, supportive and loving nature of the roller skating community. Furthermore, they were humbled by the community of individuals of colour that have paved the way of roller skating, infusing it with style and culture. Realizing how deeply rooted in history and community roller skating is, Elaine and Philip knew it was the purpose they were looking for all along.
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