About Us!

Phil and Elaine started Retro Rollers Inc. in March of 2018 based on one moment at their son’s 15th birthday party at a roller rink in 2017. a “Skates laced and rolling – holding hands” kind of moment, and realizing this is what every human should experience.

With a plan to offer roller skating events primarily, and a trusted quality resource for recreational skaters and local roller derby teams – Phil and Elaine believe in their vision and continue to focus on relationships within the roller skating community.

We remain open to community relationships that enhance an activity that welcomes every person, with or without wheels”.

Retro Rollers Inc. continues to seek out and offer public events, private events, online retail (adhering to COVID parameters), DJ/Lighting, roller skate lessons and large group rental opportunities. Fundraisers & Municipal partnerships are reserved on a continual basis.

COVID INFORMATION: Our Pro-Shop location is temporarily closed as it is located inside a community centre in London Ontario.  Once we have information on when we will be open again, we will update all our social media.

During COVID-19, we have moved the contents of our store inside our home in Wellesley Ontario.

Only online sales are active at this time.  Pick-ups are arranged after orders are ready at a time that is mutually agreeable by all parties.

We make ourselves available to keep our website up-to-date, as well as answer questions you may have as a consumer . If you have a question, email us at [email protected]  We answer FAST! Ask ANYONE!

Outside of our current pandemic, we bring events to communities across Ontario, sponsor and support local derby teams, assist with private functions and donate to local charities.

Your patience during this time is very appreciated!

 Phil and Elaine

Our Purpose.

Retro Rollers Inc. is a family business geared towards bringing families and friends together to share a fun experience by roller skating together.  We strive to bring conversation to every dinner table, and provide our communities a safe place for our children to socialize.  Indoors, Outdoors, Recreation, Jam, Dance, Rhythm, Derby, or Skate Park – there are many varieties and styles of roller skating to enjoy.

Roller & Ice Skates from Retro Rollers Inc.


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