Better Bearings Rock Solids


Designed to be affordable, yet really hard wearing, they may not be the fastest kids on the block, but they sure can take the heat daddy-o. Leave them in your skate bag for a few months – no biggie to these tough little guys – they can take it! True and tested ABEC 7 rated with excellent long-lasting performance. 8mm only, contains 16 bearings

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  • Micro-finished chrome steel balls.
  • Heat-treated chrome steel inner and outer races and non-corrosive chrome carbon retainer created these bearings for people who know that they will probably not look after them 🙂 yes we understand! So these guys are extremely hard wearing and will last a really long time for how rough you will treat them.
  • They are an absolute favourite for outdoor skating, extra sets or the skate till they die type.
  • The packaging is made from recycled / biodegradable material.

Pink, Yellow, Blue, Red, Black, Teal, Green, Purple, Orange, Multi-Coloured

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