Bont FXX Wheels


Drawing from Bont’s inline speed skating wheel that has won multiple inline world championships, Bont used one of their top inline speed wheel formulas on the FXX and adapted it for roller skating. This is unheard of in a roller skate wheel. Bont started testing wheels using more exotic urethanes previously only reserved for inline racers. The result, in their opinion, is the best mass-produced roller skate wheel ever made.

The Bont FXX roller derby and speed skating roller skate wheels are lightweight performance wheels that feature high-quality urethane and an aluminum hub for the ultimate combination of grip and roll. Made with the best urethane in USA, the FXX uses a technical 5-spoke hub for lightweight, premium performance. The aluminum hub allows for unparalleled stiffness and control, which translates to brilliant edging and maximum agility.

This is a limited edition run of the highly acclaimed Bont FXX roller skate wheels. Due to this, please allow 2-3 business days to ship for processing purposes.

The FXX comes in 2 hardnesses 92a and 96a, with amazing rebound and wear properties. They are super fast and phenomenally grippy while still allowing you to skid to a stop instantly. The 59x38mm size lets you change speeds quicker, making them the perfect choice for derby skating. The 62x44mm size gives you a larger surface for longer pushes for maximum power, making them the best choice for speed skating.

Size and Hardness:

  • Derby 59 x 38mm – Black 92A, Blue 96A
  • Speed 63 x 42mm – Red 92A, Yellow 96A

Application: Indoor

Sold as a set of 8

Size - Colour

59 x 38mm – Black 92A, 59 x 38mm – Blue 96A, 63 x 42mm – Red 92A, 63 x 42mm – Yellow 96A 

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