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Welcome to Retro Rollers Inc.! Contact us with any business inquiries or questions. We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.


UPDATED JULY 20TH, 2020: OUR PRO SHOP LOCATION IN LONDON IS CLOSED. We are working from our home in Wellesley – this is our residence for pick-ups until our shop opens (we do not know when this will be.  This decision is up to the City of London)

“PRE-ORDERS” – PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU ORDER. ETA of all pre-orders are CLEARLY stated.  Please understand most pre-orders will be expected in the FALL 2020.  Refunds cause us extra TIME to process, and appreciate you being informed BEFORE placing your order so we are not working 2x harder.  

Sizing: Please go to and see how to properly measure your foot.  Feel free to send us this foot tracing – and we can help determine your skate size for you.

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