Disco Blox


Smooth surface for great slide and beveled sides for all the tricks.

Easy to install with one fixed piece to fit directly under trucks. Includes shaved down cushions to accommodate for space.

These Grind Blox will be either white or black depending on inventory and run 40mm from coping to kingpin nut.


Disco Blox

Sizes vary between different brands and plate models, so please look at the sizing chart to pick accordingly. Also specify your plate and its size in notes so we can make sure to get you the right size the first time.

These grind blocks allow you to practice roller skating in a skatepark/bowl/ramp without big work on your skates… they’re easy to install on most US plates of the market.

Strong, they ensure an excellent sliding!

Sold in pairs
Barrels included for more rigidity and stability
Colors to choose if available (black or white).

To choose your size, take measurement between king pins then go to Disco Blox Sizing

0 = 55mm

1 = 65mm

2 = 75mm

3 = 85mm

4 = 95mm

5 = 105mm

6 = 115mm

7 = 125mm

They will not fit ROLL LINE plates without modifying the fixing points at kingpin passage while drilling the fixation plate.

Allow 3-5 days for delivery 🙂

Disco Blox Style

Standard, LowRider, Outlaw, Bandit, Ice Blox, Radius King Pin Kit only


0 = 55mm, 1 = 65mm, 2 = 75mm, 3 = 85mm, 4 = 95mm, 5 = 105mm, 6 = 115mm, 7 = 125mm

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