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Intro to Rhythm/QuadFit SATURDAYS

Intro to Rhythm/QuadFit SATURDAYS 1




Repeating Dates: Saturdays 2:30pm-3:30pm (you are registering for 1 single class)

Pre-registration is preferred, but we will still register you on the spot as long as you arrive 15 mins before start time.

Time: Saturdays 2:30-3:30pm NO CLASS ON JULY 20TH

Location: Retro Rollers Inc. 225-2 The Boardwalk (on Ira Needles Blvd) Between Marshalls and Sport Chek

Length: 1hour with little breaks

Instructor: Elaine

Level of class:  ALL levels welcome, however participants should know how to roll with some confidence, and stop – minimum 

Age limit: (14+)

Welcome to an introduction into rhythm skating via QuadFit.  This is a 1 hour class (with short breaks) for individuals over the age of 14 that are curious about roller skating, dance/rhythm skating and of course, excellent heart health.  Perhaps you are also wanting to improve strength, balance, core stability and cardiovascular endurance – all while wearing roller skates! QuadFit is drill work and minimal rolling, which builds the muscles needed to improve your roller skate skills.  We use movements used in rhythm skating (or dance skating), and dissect them into short, repeated movements in order to learn – not just memorize. There is much stepping to the beat of the music as well as floor work. This does involve balance and core work to control your roll.  Each class will incorporate new movements, and ways to amplify them.

Caution, this class will improve all your roller skating skills! All levels of skating are welcome.  Please don’t worry about not being the greatest skater.  YOU are welcome, and we will have fun no matter what.  Modifications are always used so that all participants feel included. Some floor work may be used as roller skates make fantastic weights for leg work!

  • Safety gear such as helmets, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads are strongly recommended, and not available for rent.  All participants that wear gear to this class feel more confident to try new movements.
  • Rental Skates are available at a cost of $5 per rental.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own full water bottle for hydration.  We will take breaks for a drink! Definitely bring a full water bottle.  There is a refrigerated water fountain also available to refill.
  • Always wear comfortable clothing that is flexible and breathable.

If you have a question on how to sign up please call us and we can sign you up over the phone! 519-635-9124

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