Jul 13 2024


1:15 pm - 2:15 pm



Skills & Drills – “The Strutt & The Zero”

Skills & Drills - "The Strutt & The Zero" 1

Class Description: You’re intrigued by roller dance or rhythm on roller skates, and are hungry for in person, step by step instruction and “The Strut” and “The Zero” are moves you’d like to learn.  Hi, I’m Elaine, your instructor!  I am looking forward to breaking down these moves which require understanding balance and placement of feet in order to safely execute.  Speed comes in time, but control is necessary from the start.  Don’t rush, enjoy the process!

In this 1 hour class, we will roll right in with dissected moves, repeat and understand flow. These two moves will be shown both still (in one place) as well as while rolling.

Date: Saturday July 13th
Time: 1:15-2:15pm
Cost: $20 plus tax (1, 1 hour class)
Rental skates: $5
Pre-registration recommended, drop-ins welcome.
Requirement/Level: You will need to know how to hold yourself upright, skate forwards, backwards, stand in skates.  You also should have some general experience with roller skating overall.  If you are brand new at roller skating, save this type of class as a goal for yourself.  We want you to stay safe, and keep on rollin’!


  • Safety gear such as helmets, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads are strongly recommended, and not available for rent.  All participants that wear gear to this class feel more confident to try new movements.
  • Rental Skates are available at a cost of $5 per rental.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own full water bottle for hydration.  We will take breaks for a drink! Definitely bring a full water bottle.  There is a refrigerated water fountain also available to refill.
  • Always wear comfortable clothing that is flexible and breathable.
  • This is not a class meant for inlines or roller blades. Rentals are available.

Email [email protected] if you are having issues registering ahead of time.


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