FXX set of 8 wheels


FXX or Formula XX is our top of the line Made in the USA wheel. The formula for this wheel dates back to the good ol’ days of Hyper wheels. Those who were around in the day will notice that the smell of the wheels brings back the memories of the wheels of old. We have taken those old Hyper formulas, updated them, and applied them to the best urethane that money can buy.

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FXX Wheels

Application: Indoor

Size: 61mm

Width: 38mm

FXX wheels only accept 167 or 688 bearings to save weight. They will not fit 608 bearings.

If you use 7mm axles on your plates, choose the 167 bearings.

If you use 8mm axles on your plates, choose the 688 bearings.

Colour / Durometer

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