Illumin8 2 pack LED Wheels & Bearings


illumin8 LED Light Up Wheels by Crazy Skates – Light Up Your Life!

Each colour comes as a 2 pack.  For a full set, you will need to order 4 packs of 2.  Why? So you can mix different colours!

The dynamo inside the wheel is removable should you decide you do not want your wheels to light up.

Illumin8 2 pack LED Wheels & Bearings

illumin8 wheels use super bright and efficient LED technology that converts energy from the spinning wheel to generate the power to Light Up your wheels – batteries are never required. The faster you go, the brighter your wheels become. Available in 7 awesome semi-transparent colors (including some with Glitter), there will be a color to suit everyone.

illumin8 wheels are fairly narrow and gummy and can be used on any floor surface.

illumin8 wheels can be used on any 8mm axle skate and come in two different diameters to accommodate many sizes of skates.

Each wheel comes complete with pre-installed ABEC-7 bearings!!

Please let us know if you have any questions about which diameter you should choose.



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