Knot A Trend Skate Leashes


Travelling with your skates just became easy and fashionable with these funky skate leashes!

These skate leashes are 1.5 metres long, 1 inch wide and machine sewn for ultimate durability. They are made with heavy duty nylon belting. These leashes are perfect for carrying your roller skates, shoes, skateboard, or even a yoga mat as the straps are adjustable.

Place each loop through your skates, yoga mat or skateboard trucks, or around your shoes, and pull snug. Each loop is fully adjustable and will hold onto your gear to ensure they stay in place. The strap can be stored in a purse, pocket, or fanny pack when not in use.

Knot A Trend’s skate leashes are a perfect way to accent your individuality. They are hand crafted, made in Canada and brought to you here by Retro Rollers Inc.

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Knot A Trend Skate Leashes

Limited quantities available in stock – backorders will be made upon request.


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