Knot A Trend Toe Caps


Keep your skates safe and do it in style with these one of a kind toe guards that are cute and functional – The Vegan leather toe guards are recommended for casual recreational skating and are not recommended for skate park or more aggressive skating.

These toe guards are made from vegan leather and Genuine Leather or Suede on the outside, a velvet layer on the inside and the seams are double sewn for ultimate durability. The extra wide grommets allow any lace style to be threaded through and the hole at the bottom fit snugs to your toe stop for minimal movement.

We have done our best to source the most durable materials we could find. Just like any material, the vegan leather may eventually scuff up with repeated wear and tear.  However, if you are conscious of how rough you are being with them, they will surely stay just as pretty as they came. To get you rolling on the right foot, we’ve gone ahead and scotch guarded these.

Knot A Trend’s toe caps are a perfect addition to your roller skate set up. They are hand crafted and made in Canada and brought to you here by Retro Rollers Inc.

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Knot A Trend Toe Caps

Limited quantities in stock – backordered items take approximately one to two weeks to process.


Cheetah Pastel, Cheetah Senorita, Fierce Feline, Flower Blossom, Light as a Leather (Genuine Leather), Packed Petals, Pink Panther, Snow Leopard, Sunflowers and Cream, Tiger Queen, 24 Karat, Tropical Breeze, You Guac My World, Falling Feather, Flamigo Dance, Lotus, Pineapple Dream, Rain Forest, Spice Up Your Life, Strawberries n' Cream, Very Berry Shimmer, Whisk Me Away, Fierce Feline, Bearly Awake (Genuine Leather), Black Beauty (Genuine Suede), Mohogany (Genuine Leather), Olive You More (Genuine Leather), Red Hot (Genuine Leather), Purple Rain (Genuine Leather), Slate Grey (Genuine Leather), Storm Blue (Genuine Leather), Tiffany Blue (Genuine Leather)

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