KwiK Ceramic Bearings (Set of 16)


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Accelerate faster and roll farther with KwiK® Ceramic bearings. These bearings utilize the advanced characteristics of ceramic balls and combine it with a ceramic Titanium Nitride coating on both sides of the bearing shield and the inner and outer bearing races to create remarkable performance. Aside from the striking metallic gold finish it imparts on the surfaces it covers, Titanium Nitride is a corrosion-resistant material that hardens and strengthens the surfaces it is applied to – improving the lifetime durability of the surface by a factor of 4 or more and further increasing maximum roll. KwiK Ceramic bearings, quite simply, are the most advanced ceramic bearings available.

Accelerate faster and roll farther than traditional steel ball bearings
Ceramic ball bearings resist heat and friction, allowing for a free, fast-spinning roll
Titanium Nitride-coated races resist corrosion and provide strength to create a high performance bearing with maximum roll
Friction resistant Delrin® retainers that are pre-spun with high peformance oil
Striking metallic gold finish
Size: 8 mm
Comes as set of 16 bearings in its own carrying case

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