KwiK Swiss Nitride Bearing (Set of 16)


Utilizing precision Swiss-made hardened chromium steel alloy balls and lightweight friction-resistant Delrin® retainers, the races of the KwiK® Swiss Nitride bearings – the surface where friction is created with alloy balls – are coated with a thin coating of Titanium Nitride, a durable chemical-resistant compound that will not chip, dissolve, or otherwise degrade even during the most extreme skating conditions. The Titanium Nitride coating finishes the races of the KwiK Swiss Nitride bearings in a beautiful metallic gold appearance and also strengthens them to produce the fastest, longest roll available today.


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KwiK Swiss Nitride


Swiss-made hardened chromium steel alloy balls

Titanium Nitride-coated races to provide a fast, long roll

Material designed to not chip, flake, or degrade during rough use

Friction-resistant Delrin® retainers that are pre-spun with high performance oil

Size: 8 mm

Comes as set of 16 bearings in its own carrying case

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