Luminous Wheels


Luminous Wheels for those of you that want a little flash and glow from your skate wheels πŸ™‚

Sold individually, bearings not included.

We recommend Zero Nuts, or turning your axle nuts nylon side in for these wheels as the bearings sit wide on the axle.


Luminous Wheels

62mm wheels – 85a, 98a, or 100a hardness

Bearings sold separately


White Pearl 97a, Black Pearl 100a, White Glow 85a, White Pearl 85a, Blue Glow 85a, Sunray Glow 85a, Coral Glow 85a, Green Glow 85a, Pink 85a, Orange 85a, Black Pearl 85a, White Glow Green LED 85a, Purple 85a, Yellow 85a, Lime Green 85a, Pink Glitter 85a, Blue 85a, Red 85a

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