S-ONE Retro Lifer


In 2010 S-ONE recognized that some vert skaters, downhill skaters, BMX riders and Roller Derby players were getting knocked out and in some instances getting traumatic brain injuries while wearing traditional soft foam skate helmets. They decided to take the soft foam helmets into the testing lab and learned that the impact energy goes directly through the soft foam helmets and rattles the brain. So they set out to make a better and safer helmet. They came up with the S1 Lifer Helmet. The S1 Lifer Helmet is constructed with EPS Fusion Foam and is 5x more protective than soft foam skate helmets. The S1 Lifer Helmet passes the ASTM multiple impact test and the CPSC high impact test (soft foam helmets fail both of these certification tests). The S1 Lifer helmet combines a great fit with multiple impact and high impact certified protection featuring our patented blend of EPS Fusion Foam. This is a helmet that we would want to wear and that we could 100% recommend to family, friends and fellow skaters. When you are wearing an S1 Lifer Helmet you know that you are wearing the best.

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S-ONE Retro Lifer

Measuring your head is very helpful to figure out what size Lifer Helmet you will need. It is easiest to do this with a soft measuring tape but if you do not have one you can use a string or a cell phone charging cable and then measure that against a ruler or hard measuring tape. You need to measure your heads circumference and will want to wrap the measuring tape starting in the middle of your forehead and just above your eye brows, then around your head above your ears and back around your head to the middle of your forehead where you started. Put simply you want to measure your head where your hat would normally sit or where you would imagine the helmet to fit on your head just above your eye brows. Once you get your measurement compare it to the sizing charts on the individual Lifer Helmet product pages to see which Lifer will fit you.

S-ONE Retro Lifer 2

Lifer Helmet Size

X-Small (20.5"), Small (21"), Medium (21.5"), Large (22"), X-Large (22.5"), 2X-Large (23"), 3X-Large (23.5)


Black Gloss, Black Gloss Glitter, Black Gloss w/Green Checkers, Black Gloss w/White Checkers, Black Matte, Black Matte w/Black Stripe, Bright Purple Matte, Cult Collab, Cyan Matte, Gold Gloss Glitter, Lagoon Gloss, Lagoon Gloss w/Checkers, Neon Pink Matte, Purple Matte, Red Gloss, Red Gloss w/Black Checkers, Silver Gloss Glitter, White Gloss, White Gloss w/Black Checkers, White Matte w/Black Stripes

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