Skater Socks 22″


Super High Quality Tube socks made in the USA!

22 Inch KNEE HIGH Striped Tube Socks

-Over the Knee for kids
-Knee High for most average adults
-Mid-Calf for tall adults
****These socks are SUPER SOFT, thick, high quality and stretchy****


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Skater Socks 22″

Made of 82% Cotton, 10% Nylon, 5% Acrylic and 3% Spandex.

Skater Socks evolved from childhood dreams of skateboarding around town in the 70’s rocking Tube Socks.

Our Vision in 2003

-Bring back the original American made striped tube socks from the 60’s-

-Make them in the heartland of America just like back in the day-

-Make them the world’s most comfortable sock out of cotton-

-Be the world’s original source-

And the rest is History…


White with Teal stripes, Black with White stripes, White with Bubble Gum Pink stripes, White with Aqua stripes, White with Red stripes, White with Black Stripes, White with Green Gold Red Stripes, White with Purple Gold Stripes, Black with green Gold Red Stripes, White with Red Royal Blue Stripes, Black with Bubble Gum Pink Stripes

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