Toe Strips by Knot A Trend


Keep your skates safe and look fancy doing it with these elegant toe strips!
These toe strips are made from either vegan leather or leather (indicated on product) on the outside and velvet on the inside
for ultimate durability. The 6mm wide grommets allow any lace style to be threaded
through and the hole at the bottom fits snug to your top stop for minimal movement.
We have done our best to source the most durable genuine leather and vegan leather we could find. Just like any
material, the genuine and vegan leather may eventually scuff up with repeated wear and tear. However, if
you are conscious of how rough you are being with them, they will surely stay just as pretty as
they came. To get you rolling on the right foot, we’ve gone ahead and scotch guarded these.
Knot A Trend’s toe strips are a perfect addition to your roller skate set up. They are hand
crafted and made in Canada and brought to you here by Retro Rollers Inc.

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Toe Strips by Knot A Trend


At First Blush, Cheetah Seniorita, Fierce Feline, Flower Power, Glitz & Glam, Holographic Hangover, Just Peachy, Mermaid Tails, Safari Hearts, Snow Leopard, Spring Flowers, Sunflowers & Cream, Tiger Queen, Twinkle Twinkle, Wild Encounters, Light As A Leather (Genuine Leather), Tiffany Blue (Genuine Leather), Alligator (Genuine Leather), Storm Blue (Genuine Leather)

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