What type of wheels do I need??

We get this question a lot!! We want to keep it in simplified terms for you; if you have any questions please ask 🙂

Wheels are rated in durometer; this is the degree of hardness of the rubber compound that the wheels are made of. The higher the durometer the harder and more slippery the wheel. The lower the durometer the softer and more stickier the wheel. Like you change the tires on your car to suit different driving conditions; different surfaces require different wheels.

There are a million different variables that can affect the way you choose wheels but…GENERALLY SPEAKING

Skating outdoors on roads, pathways, rough surfaces – choose a wheel with a lower durometer of 78a – 80a such as a Boardwalk, Motion, Miami, or Energy wheels

Skating in skate-parks, smooth swept concrete – choose a wheel with a higher durometer of 95a to 101a such as a Moxi Fundae, or CIB Park wheels

General skating smooth swept surfaces like gym floors or concrete arena surfaces – choose a wheel between 85a to 95a

Any skate can be used indoors our outdoors – Some skates come with indoor wheels and some with outdoor wheels. If you have any questions about the skates you are looking at on our site please ask.

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