Definitions and Frequently Asked Questions

YES! Our retail store hours are:

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - 12pm-6pm

Wednesday - 12pm-6pm

Thursday 12pm-6pm

Friday 12pm-6pm

Saturday 10am-5pm

Sunday - Closed

Studio hours differ, ring bell for pre-registered class time.

Follow us on Instagram @retrorollersinc!  Also check out our "Stratford" highlights for all the tea!

Yes it is! We are there every Wednesday evening from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm also Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 pm to 4:15pm (Winter hours have started as of Oct 30th 2022).

Yes it is! You can Pre-register via the link below, or show up.  Tip: If you register your information ahead of time, it will be faster, and you can pay at the door.

Pre-register for this on the City of London’s website

We have removed the "add to my order" option.  Should you need to add to your order, email us at and we can help!

Pick-ups in London ON are located at the North London Optimist Community Centre. Orders are prepared and typically brought weekly on Wednesday during skate programming. If it's urgent, we recommend having it shipped.

We CAN and WILL ship anywhere in the world. We will provide this service one on one, and ask that you send us an email at to make those arrangements.

Within Canada – $15 plus tax. All prices shown on our website are in Canadian dollars and will be charged taxes at the point of sale in Ontario, Canada (HST). Please contact us for international shipping rates 

Our point of sale is in Ontario as if you had travelled here and purchased from our brick and mortar, so this is why you are charged HST. 

We do not hold or reserve any items.

Our waitlist option will email you when we have added more stock (which means we physically have that item again), or when we have opened “pre-orders” (Which means we are expecting to receive an item, however do not have possession of that item yet. We may reserve an item as payment is pending, however this is the only exception.

We do not have it physically in stock, however we can order from our supplier.  During COVID-19, we can only provide an estimate for these items.  Please refrain from ordering items on backorder if you need the item right away.

Let’s find out your skate size first!  Check out our instructions on how to do this under our “Help Topics”, titled “Roller Skate Sizing”.  Click here for a direct link!  Send us your measurements at  We will reply to your email very quickly – providing your “skate size”.

This is an option as a way to stand in line. There is a wait time depending on the item pre-ordered. The wait time, if known, is stated in the description. If there is no date stated on the description of the eta, the wait time is unknown.

All roller skates can be made to go either inside or outside. The durometer of the wheels determines this.

A method of measuring the hardness (or softness) of wheels. The lower the number (78A – soft), the softer the wheel. The higher the number (101A – hard), the harder the wheel. Soft wheels will go over pebbles, rough asphalt and other rough surfaces. Soft wheels can transfer from outdoors to indoors. Hard wheels will not go over pebbles, etc., and are meant for indoors only.

This all depends on your plate – tell us what skates or plates you have, and we can help with tool options for changing your toe stops, adjusting your trucks and wheels.

Yes. Your skates might need a simple adjustment. Your trucks can be adjusted by ¼ turn loose at a time (lefty loose, righty tight). The trucks determine your action, and can help you be more agile. Loosen too much until they wiggle, and that is not good. If this is what you prefer, please consider changing your cushions to something softer.

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