How Do I adjust my Avanti Plates?

When we mount Avanti Plates we set them up as best as we can – they do need tweaking from time to time after our initial setup.

Remove your wheels and toe stops (it sounds like a strange thing to do but it makes it easier to adjust everything)

Loosen the king pin nut until your trucks are wiggling, then tighten them down just enough so that they are secure. 

Loosen the pivot pin lock nut all the way down towards the pivot end and loosen the pivot pin (thread it up into the trucks)

Turn the pivot pin back down into the pivot cup until there is no movement between the end of the pivot pin and the pivot cup i.e. it should be seated snugly. The way to test for this is by putting pressure on both sides of the axles and push down, you will notice when they are loosened off they will “click” up and down, when they are secure you will only get side to side movement with the pivot secure.

Once that is done you should be set up correctly for one truck – repeat for the remaining three trucks. 

At this point you can tighten down the kingpin nut to your liking – if your trucks feel too loose and your cushions are bulging out then you should go with a harder cushion

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us [email protected]

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