167 mini bearings (7mm)


The 167 bearing is the only bearing designed specifically for roller derby. Being small in size, the 167 bearing is the lightest bearing on the market and offers the highest acceleration compared to the competition. The bearing has double shields to stop the dust and dirt from getting in. These bearings are made by Jesa.


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Set of 16 bearings

Fits 7mm axles

These bearing require cylinder spaces. You need 1 spacer per wheel

The name 167 denotes a 16mm outer diameter and a 7mm hole

If you are using wheels with 608 hubs, the Bont 167 bearing adapters fit over your 167 bearings so that they can fit into 608 wheels. The benefit of using a mini bearing and an adapter rather than a 608 bearing is that you can create a much lighter set up with better acceleration.

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