KwiK Zenith Bearings (Set of 16)


High-polish chrome steel races, heat-treated alloy balls, and friction-resistant Delrin® retainers help the KwiK® Zenith bearings take bearing innovation to new heights. Built and assembled with these premium parts in a clean room free of environmental pollutants, KwiK Zenith bearings offer a continuously smooth and fast roll while maintaining durability under the most extreme loads of roller skating. KwiK Zenith bearings are pre-spun using a high-performance oil, making them easy to use right out of the box with no break-in period required.


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KwiK Zenith Bearings


Constructed of chrome steel races

Heat-treated alloy balls

Friction-resistant Delrin® retainers that are pre-spun with high performance oil

Size: 8 mm

Comes as set of 16 bearings in its own carrying case

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