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These 8mm ABEC 7 are excellent bearings and at an excellent price! Super reliable, easy to clean and FAST! If you’re not sure which type to get, We recommend these bearings, they will not let you down. They are almost Half Price or any equivalent on the market!

There is a reason that these are one of the highest selling bearings on the market!


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Features include:

• Easy to maintain – because of non-contact removable and replaceable rubber shields.

• Twice inspected, pre-lubed and pre-spun.

• Full rustproof coating on both high precision deep groove races.

• Non-corrosive Delrin retainers which cradle hard anodized chrome steel balls. Chrome steel bearing balls are stronger, faster and smoother rolling.

• Heat-treated chrome steel inner and outer races and non-corrosive nylon retainer.

Packaging is made from recycled / biodegradable material.

Everyone seems to love these bearings! They are like Swiss performance without the price tag!



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